Seventh Day of Work

Yesterday – work continued on site. We got ourselves a little nixer while we are here. Half of the front wall to the yard of the refugee/migrant centre is falling down so we got the job of knocking it down and rebuilding it. We got the majority of that done and we are finishing it today. We also got a few of the vertical columns upstairs poured with concrete and got two of the main ringbeams made. Last night, we had a talk with the PMH in Tarija. This is the group of people that run the refugee/migrant hostel and look after them. We work with most of them on a daily basis as they are also helping us on the build. This talk was really informative and they played a game with us to show us what migrants & refugees experience on their travels and how frightening it can be for them. This game was really funny and informative at the same time. The talk ended with a slideshow of various pictures of some of the work that they have done and some pictures of the work we have been doing!

I will post later on tonight of what we got up to today!

In the meantime, here are some pics of yesterday:



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