R&R: Day 3

after the first few weeks in tarija and everything going grand everyone seems to be at breaking point now were finished the work and we are all trying to relax. today itself has been fairly heated because of problems with the programe, it split the group and personally i feel it went way too far so half the group left and the other stayed in the hostel. We left for the theme park later on and met up with the rest of the group we waited an hour for a rollercoaster and had to leave because it was closing when we came back we had a bit of free time and then had dinner. we had a reflection and got into the whole prostitution business in this country i feel we went too far into it and it became almost an argument and it didnt need to happen there was alot of other things we could have discussed but we stayed on that subject and people ended up leaving the room. Good craic all the same hoping for a batter day tomorrow last day before we come home


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5 thoughts on “R&R: Day 3

  1. Enjoy the last few days and safe trip home Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday The O Connor Family

  2. safe trip to all – memories to last a lifetime see you tomorrow – delighted to say no news so far about the refugee camps extension falling down 🙂 well done!

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