R&R: Day 1

We had a nice lye in this morning and woke up around 10am. Some headed down to the dinning room for breakfast while others opted to stay in bed for 20 mins longer. We lazed around the hostel for a while until everyone was ready to go and explore the town of tigre. After a short walk of about 15 mins, we crossed a bridge over what you would probably call the canal in dublin (except a it was a lot wider than the canal) and on the other side we found Macdonalds and Burger King. It was like we had found heaven after not having fast food for 2 weeks. Everyone headed to one of the two for lunch. After lunch, we explored around the town. Some did some shopping while others just had a walk around. It’s Winter here so a lot of the tourist attractions are not open or only open at the weekend (a bit of a problem for us since we are only here until Friday). However, we did find a theme park with roller coasters and stuff that is open so we are planning on going to that on Wednesday. We all went back to hostel for half 6. Brenda, Pauline, Luke and Pat along with a crew of ventures and rovers started to cook up a storm on the BBQ. We all had a lovely dinner of steak, potatoes, salad, prawns, corn and garlic bread. After dinner, everyone just chilled out. Brenda and Luke did a reflection with those doing the Scout of the World Award. We are heading into Buenos Aires tomorrow to explore some more city!

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