Just arrived in Buenos Aires

Runway in Buenos Aires

Arrived in Buenos Aires about 15 mins ago. Local time here is 5 hours behind Irish time. Flight was pleasant and lots of sleep was had! Just on our way through passport control and hopefully onto a bus!

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7 thoughts on “Just arrived in Buenos Aires

  1. Glad you all got there safely photos look good looking forward to seeing more. Have a ball.

  2. Hi Ali and Livvie and Kelly I’m just checking in hopeing your all doing great and your all well and using sunscreen
    I miss you and love you so much keep safe darlings God bless you all

    1. Where all going good here it’s a big change but really cool, love and miss yous ,ali livi and Kelly xx

  3. Hi all I heard Livvie & Kelly were unwell last week I hope your both well again.I seen some of the photos and I could see there’s a lot of work been done although I didn’t see any girls working (were you all on a t-break)haha
    How are you Ali are you doing OK,thankfully you didnt get sick so stay good I miss you all and I love you all god bless you all

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