fourth day of work

hello from the sunny side of bolivia!!

today we had an eventful day on the site ,we continued our work on the site by mixing cement and laying a few bricks-not the nice ones .

we where running low on our building blocks so we got a fresh delivery , also our gravel came which puts us right on track for filling the columns on saturday .

todays food was probably the best so far , we actually got southern fried chicken for dinner and it was the best chicken i personallly have tasted here since,you really dont now what your eating .

momma B is making some lovely scones for supper at the moment ,looking forward to something irish for a change ,

shane and debbie also represented us on the bolivian live news which was a great moral boost for us all .(see video below)

we will keep the posts coming as we found a great (not really ) internet cafe ,which is really really cheap .

bye from everyone here in bolivia ,

peace out. #keepitlit

Alan Glennon

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7 thoughts on “fourth day of work

  1. Keep up the good work Hope you all enjoyed the scones Regards to all especially Daniel

  2. It’s great to see the 94th getting the recognition for all the good work their doing. Fame at last!

  3. Hey guys tell momma B to send some scones back home we’re starrrrrvin back here

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