First, Second and Third Day of Work

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, the internet keeps on breaking down in the hostel.

the past three days have been eventful,we have made loads of progress on the build upstairs. on monday we moved materials around the site and prepared the site for start the building .

on tuesday we began the build hooray!!!! we started off by doing the brick work and mixing cement and building the metal columns.

on wednesday we began by continuing on the build , despite alot of sick bodies around the site, we battled the 25 degree heat and made it through it,

now we are just chilling – it gets quite cold over here at night. hello to everyone at home from all 27 of us .

we will get the internet sorted in the hostel to blog daily .

peace out .

alan glennon

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7 thoughts on “First, Second and Third Day of Work

  1. Great progress everyone. We are so proud of you all. Keep taking the photos we really appreciate them. X

  2. Great photos keep them coming . You are all doing a great job. Look forward to the next post xx

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