First Day Off!

Our Sunday started off with a lie in until ten, it was a well needed rest for all in the group. The sun was splitting the trees when we went outside and the temperature continued to climb throughout the day. After breakie we hopped on a bus to a convent which was in the surrounding hills of the town. The bumpy journey delivered us to a picturesque countryside. The group were treated to a warm welcome from a combination of the charity´s volunteers and the local scout groups. Once again we were fed and watered and than we began playing a mix of games. Some of the lads played soccer, some played a new game called viking chess and the rest searched for some shade.  I really enjoyed the viking chess, it was very simple but great fun at the same time. following the games we were treated to yet more food. They hosts had organised a huge bbq with plenty of steak, roast chicken, salads and bread. All the food was so delicous and the men cooking the meat were real pro´s. After the feast we gathered together and headed for the surrounding hills. Along the trail one of the nuns explained the history of the region and how it was home to exiled lepers once lived. We got to see the hospitals and the chapel the once used. The chapel is also the starting point fior an annual festival. We than continued our walk and returned to the bus and went back to the hostel. A few of the boys went to watch the football and the rest went for a stroll in the town. After the tiring day we sat down to a lovely spagball made my Brenda and Pauline, followed by creamcake.


P.S Luke got a fab haircut !

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  1. Mairtin handy with the razor… were brave Luke. Keep on enjoying yourselves

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