First Day in Buenos Aires

Picking up from our last blog:

When we got through customs (which was a long process of standing in a queue), we met Síobhan who is the the Irish nun who has travelled over here to help us on our travels. She had out tickets bought for the bus to the centre of Buenos Aires which was handy. We strolled to the bus stop and shorly after hopped onto the bus. The journey took about 1 hour and it dropped us to the bus station. Síobhan had organised cars to pick us up there and go to the hotel. The traffic here is absolutely crazy and the roads are a free-for-all. Drivers like to use their horns and drive very aggressively staying as close to the vehicle in front as possible. After the crazy car ride of about 25 minutes, we arrived at the hotel where we were allocated our rooms. They are basic but comfortable and clean. After everyone had a shower and freshened up after the day of travelling and PMC finding a bank to get some cash, we headed to Macky Ds to get a well earned feed (everyone was starving). After that, we had some free time to explore the shops and the centre of Buenos Aires. We headed back to the hotel for 6:30PM to regroup and get ready for dinner. We had our dinner in pizzaria and I think everyone overestimated the size of the pizza they were ordering as we had to get the remainder of the pizza boxed up to take back to the hotel. We are back at the hotel now and just chilling out in our rooms. Looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep.


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3 thoughts on “First Day in Buenos Aires

  1. Hi all, great you all arrived safe and sound, I’m missing Debs already, not!!!, keep the blogs coming, stay safe look after each lther

  2. Looks great guys and everything running smoothly… Tell Shane Auntie Linda is following his adventures in South America. Enjoy! X

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