Cub Facebook Group

Communication with parents/guardians in Cubs is all done via a Facebook group. If you are a parent/guardian and you need access to the group, please follow these instructions:

  • Find Esther Brady or Alan McCreanor Glennon on Facebook (Alan and Esther are members of the Cub Leader Team)
  • Send a friend request to their personal profile.
  • They will accept you as their friend and invite you to join the 94th Walkinstown Cub Scouts.
  • Accept the invitation.
  • They will then delete you from their personal profile.
  • Please do not PM them unless you are having an issue with the invite – they will not PM you from their Personal Profiles
  • Register with us as soon as possible as we use Facebook as the means of communicating changes in the programme etc.
  • We close off the option to join the page at the end of October for administration and safety reasons so make sure to Register early.