Chupacca Night Continued & Sixth Day of Work (Half Day!)

Chupacca Night
We knocked off yesterday at 5:00pm and quickly had our dinner. We raced back to the hostel for a shower. The chupacca night hosted by the Bolivians was meant to begin at 7:30pm however it didn’t begin until after 8:30pm. Even though the night started late, it proved to be a great success. The Bolivians showed us various videos showcasing Bolivia┬┤s architerture, heritage and culture. They also put on various traditional dances such as Afrosaya and The Caporales. We also sampled traditional Bolivian Food such as empanadas and dulces (sweets). It was a great night and allowed us to socialise with the Bolivian Scouts.

Sixth Day of Work (Half Day!)
After a late night following the chuppaca celebration, getting to the site on time was a drag but we managed to arrive and start work on time with a newfound enthusiasm. Our walk to work today unveiled a surprise market that ran the length of the street which sold a wide variety of items ranging from clothes to food. Today’s objective was to complete the majority of the brickwork in an effort to pour the concrete into the vertical support columns on Tuesday. We managed to reach our goals early in the day allowing for most of our workforce to check out what the market had to offer.

After work
After lunch, we are going shopping with the Bolivians around the town. Following this, we are having a roast dinner cooked by Momma B and Pauline. Then, we are chilling out for the night.

Shane and Martin

P.S. We are taking the next 2 days off so stay tuned for updates on what we are doing! More pics to follow later as well!

The view over the river from the Park
The view over the river from the Park
Group Circle
Group Circle

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