Arrived Safe in Tigre

Arrived in Tigre today after thirty hours on the bus. The Bolovian scouts all came to the bus terminal to say goodbye on Saturday morning. The bus journey was long but I thought that it felt shorter than last time. We were fed on the bus and they stopped every eight hours, so we could use the toilet and get some food. We eventually arrived in Tigre around six or six thirty so have only been in Tigre for three hours, but the hotel and the area seem very nice. A perfect place for our R&R.

Niall Vince

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4 thoughts on “Arrived Safe in Tigre

  1. Well done guys you have worked so hard and have done a fantastic job, be very proud if yourselves! Enjoy your time in Tigre you deserve it, have fun x

  2. Hi guys well done on ur achievement give urselves a huge tap on ur back u did a great job, Have a fab time in Tigre well done to each and every one of u. Let the fun begin xxxx

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